We are a boutique consulting firm specializing in helping clients achieve their financial goals via prudent real estate investments. At FAR Capital, our first step of consulting is always to understand your long-term investment goals. We are akin to financial advisers; but instead of focusing on equity, unit trust and insurance, we focus on real estate. We are glad to assist both individual and corporate clients – covering residential, commercial as well as industrial properties. Currently our operations are focused in Klang Valley and Johor Bahru.



Aim to be the prime, independent property investment advisory company in the country with MYR 5 billion under asset management by 2022.



To deliver the best property investment, advisory and services to our external stakeholders and clients.

1-on-1 session


The main reason why people see me for 1-on-1 is normally to solve a specific problem or challenges. This problems mainly ranges from :

  • How to overcome 70% LTV for 3rd property onwards to buy more properties
  • Identifying weak links or non-performing assets within one portfolio
  • Pay lower in interest repayments and help repay loans faster
  • Dealing with non-performing  or risky assets within your portfolio
  • Debt reduction or consolidation – Repay existing debts at a lower interest rate
  • How to sell or rent properties faster than anyone else?
  • How to buy properties using zero or as little cash as possible.

Basically you can ask me anything that you are unclear of or anything that puzzles you.

If you are looking to buy and have shortlisted one or a few properties , you can share your thoughts and views on those properties with me. Some of the things that I can cover :

  • Insights on specific DEVELOPMENTS – Their PROs and CONs
  • Insights on specific DEVELOPERS – Their past history, completion track record, workmanship, and ROI performance
  • Insights on specific AREAs
  • Insights on potential TENANTs

If you plan to buy the property soon, its good to learn everything you need to know about the property before you buy it. Like the old saying goes, better be safe than sorry!

“Begin with an end in mind” – Stephen Covey

In this important exercise,  we will look closely at your current portfolio and identify the following :

  • What have you bought and how they will perform in the future
  • Have you bought enough to meet your financial objectives?
  • If you haven’t bought enough, you’ll how much more you need to buy to meet your financial objectives?
  • Are you setting the right priorities and is your portfolio today is aligned to support your financial objectives?

The outcome of this exercise has often surprise past attendees as they realized that they wont necessarily need to buy 20 properties to be comfortable. Quality matters more especially if they are well aligned to your goals. Your goals, should be a dream with concrete deadlines. You’ll fully understand what needs to be done once you have completed this exercise.



FAR Capital: No requirements per se, but to maximise the time and value of your 1-1 session, it is best if you have already have some experience in some basic property knoweldge – ie have acquired property(ies) or an existing investor and or have attended Millionaire Employee Blueprint (MEB) or Value Investing for Properties (VIP).

1) Problem solving – from how to mitigate 90% margin of financing & identify and deal with non-performing properties (although this may not necessarily apply in your case). You can ask him anything on financial and property related matters.

2) Property review: if you are looking to buy properties and have identified a few props, you can bounce off your views with him. He can share his thoughts on those props and perhaps give you better alternatives.

3) Portfolio analysis – identify how your current portfolio and financial standing can help you meet your financial objectives. If it doesn’t, he will share how you can improve it to meet your financial objectives.

Depends on circumstances and timing – but is mainly on properties and personal finances.

Yes you can ask any questions. Just that FAR Capital will not reveal or entertain anything specific on what and which project is he targeting to buy. That information is strictly limited for FAR Capital clients only. Feel free to ask questions on certain projects or an area, FAR Capital will be more than happy to advise on that.

  • For FRPG Member (1-year subscription) RM300 / hour only
  • For Non-FRPG Member RM380 / hour only

No, we only limit 1 hour per session, per person/couple. Unless under special circumstances, and you would like to do a group session, only then we might consider giving you a 2 hours session.

Once you have confirmed your time slot, please proceed to make payment to the following account:

Bank                            : Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank)

Account holder        : FAR CAPITAL SDN BHD

Account number      : 5648 9211 8119

The location will be held at Mont Kiara area normally either at a

i) Coffee Beans & Tea Leaf, Solaris Mont Kiara,

ii) Coffee Bean shoplex

iii)Our office in 1 Mont Kiara , depending on the time and day you request and will be advised accordingly in due course.

At least 36 hours before the said meeting.

If you are married or about to get married, its best to bring your spouse and fiancée together, to ensure both parties understand the investment objective and plan.

***Please note that since this is a one on one personal consultation and due to the discreet nature of the meeting, it is advisable not to bring any friends or family members to join the meeting (except for spouse and fiancée only)-Unless if you are planning to invest together, then you are allowed to bring that person.

***Maximum is 2 persons per session.

In terms of preparation, usually before the session, customer need to fill in some forms.

**It will be best if you can send the forms back to us before the said meeting

Then, if you have your CCRIS/CTOS Report and EPF Statement with you, you can bring it along to the meeting.

The forms and other instruction will be given once the time slot and payment is confirmed.

There are 2 ways of getting your CCRIS Report.

1) You can go directly to Bank Negara, and kindly bring your IC together with you. Then you can print it out from the kiosk machine inside Bank Negara, no need to get no and take turns.

2) Or alternatively,  you can do it online via www.ctoscredit.com.my for a small fee.

For those who live outside Klang Valley or overseas, we do have an online session via Video Call (Google Talk).

*** Dates are varied and depends on availability.

First of all, you have to go for a 1 on 1 session first, that’s the initial step. From there we will know whether or not we are able to help you with your portfolio.

1-on-1 session