Faizul Ridzuan

“I have bought 23 properties before reaching the age of 30, starting with only RM2,000 capital. To date, those properties are worth millions of ringgit.”

  • Bought over 30 properties while he was working as an employee
  • Best-selling author for the book “WTF? 23 Properties By 30”
  • Appeared and featured in Astro, TV3, TV1, TV2, NST, Focus Malaysia, TheEdge,
  • Invited by Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) a few times to share his view on Malaysia’s property market.
  • Taught over 3,000 paying students and more than 20,000 no-fee events
  • Selected as one of the 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs in 2017
  • Speaks regularly property related conference in Malaysia, Singapore,Dubai, Qatar

Faizul Ridzuan’s videos

THE 100 MIYE 2017 – Faizul Ridzuan, FAR Capital Sdn Bhd

Faizul Ridzuan, CEO of FAR Capital Sdn Bhd considers himself as an accidental Entrepreneur who adapts to market requirements. Having written wrote a book on “WTF – 23 properties by 30” which sold 60,000 copies. Since then, they have been asked to run a property programme or seminar to learn directly from him. Since then, FAR Capital purchased over RM100 million worth of properties. #100MIYE #100MIYE2017 #Entrepreneur #YoungEntrepreneur

Posted by Entrepreneur Insight on Thursday, October 5, 2017

Gaji RM 600 Sebelum Jadi Jutawan Hartanah

Fresh grad yang kerja gaji RM 600, kemudian Faizul Ridzuan berhenti kerja sales yang hanya bergantung pada komisyen. Umur baru 36 tahun dah bergelar jutawan hartanah. Dengari nasihatnya untuk anda yang baru sahaja bekerja ==> Like & Follow Maukerja Malaysia

Posted by Maukerja Malaysia on Thursday, December 28, 2017

UPSTART: Meet the man who’s beating the property game

Meet 36-year-old Faizul Ridzuan, the man who’s beating the real estate game with nearly 50 properties under his belt.

Faizul Ridzuan
FAR Capital Sdn Bhd

Posted by The Edge Malaysia on Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Property Investment – Getting Started

This is the first part in a series of story we are doing on property investment. We spoke to property enthusiast Faizul Ridzuan who owns almost 50 properties on how you can invest with as little as RM1,000 in properties.

Posted by Ringgit Sense Plus on Monday, January 29, 2018

“For whatever we have today, we have it because we don’t really take no for an answer, we believe we are doing what is right.

Just follow your passion and follow your heart.”

– Faizul Ridzuan