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CORONAVIRUS: Prepare Yourself For The Worst Economic Crisis Since 1930s

coronavirus worst economic crisis


Since January I told my clients to raise cash on our private webinar.

Then when we started FRPG in March, my first webinar also spoke about the fact we are in crisis and the most important thing we need to do is to raise cash.

I outlined my goal is to make RM15 million from this worst economic crisis since 1930s.

And the strategy I’m using and advising everyone in my group this year as per the following :

1) Raise as much cash as possible and keep it for now. Refinance to unlock cash, don’t buy anything non-essentials like new own stay property, office or car.

Look at Warren Buffett, he is keeping cash at a record sum today.

2) Use maximum leverage to buy as many properties as possible to prepare for the upcoming property bull run.

Don’t simply buy though but as long the 7 criteria are met you should be fine.

I teach those things for free in the group, so do yourself the favor and understand it before you buy anything. If we have a property bull run, a shit property still won’t make us money.

3) I told everyone to start buying stocks/equities in Q3 onwards.

Warren Buffett is keeping cash today and selling loads of equities in last quarter.

Both of us waiting for that window, and I’m pretty sure he will be more aggressive at buying Q3 onwards. And so will us (myself and FAR Cap clients)

So no, I don’t think my sifu here is copying me. He is 90 years old has gone thru far more recessions than I do.

But I feel really good today knowing that the strategy I’m using for myself and clients is now officially aligned with the richest investor of all time.

That can’t be a bad thing, Alhamdulillah.

To sum this up :

– Both of us are value investors also using a different vehicle. We like to buy good investments and keep them as long as possible. We rarely sell unless we saw a completely rare opportunity to create new wealth.

– The strategy we use during crisis/wartime will be different compared to peacetime. We can use regular value-investing anytime, but a crisis like this is when serious wealth can be made.

Experience counts matters a lot in crisis. When everything is chaotic, experience and knowing what comes next will be crucial.

That’s why I was willing to pay RM100,000 reward for anyone who has the experience of making 2-3 million from stocks in 2008-2010 crisis.

I made RM5 million from properties in last recession but I know next to nothing when it comes to stocks, so that’s why I was willing to invest for a lesson from those who have done what I wanted to do.

Btw, some people are saying he has lost his touch. Do you think:

1. He really has lost his touch?

2. Or he is waiting patiently to pounce because he knows what’s coming?







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