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Today is A Good Day – We Seal Best Property Deals!

best property deals


For most companies, today is a first working day after Raya. We had a really productive day since we have been working since 2nd-day Raya and was very fortunate today to learn about stocks from a guy who indirectly owns few listed companies. A billionaire.

Anyway, finished the discussion with 4 developers today. Outcome :

1. The first developer – Allows FAR Cap clients to buy at 15% cheaper than what they are selling today. Discount over 25%, below the median, cheaper than old property next door.

The best unit will have positive cashflow of above RM1,000 per month.

2. 2nd developer – FAR Capital clients get 30% discount, normal guys get less than 25%. Zero down payment, and cashflow positive few hundreds.

Cheapest VS all completed neighbouring properties.

3. 3rd developer – Prime Damansara. FAR Capital clients get 25% discount, while other buyers only got 10%.

15% discount additional for FAR Capital clients and cashflow positive few hundreds. Cheapest VS all completed neighbouring properties.

4. 4th developer – looking to launch next year, and we are looking to en bloc first block at 10%-20% cheaper VS 2nd block.

Less than RM400,000 and InsyaAllah positive cashflow close to RM1,000 per month.

During a crisis like these, developers have become more realistic with their expectations. Many are happy to sell properties at cost.

And due to our size and volume of purchase, they are willing to give us discounts they won’t be able to give to others. As a result, our clients and staff are able to buy at way cheaper than what a regular investor could buy.

And for clients reading this, again I want to remind you to not tell anyone the price we are buying. No reason to make anyone feel bad, that they paid RM30,000 – RM100,000 more for the same property. We quietly enjoy our advantage, okay?

The irony here even those who don’t like us before has decided to join us today because they realized our client’s price is just much lower. We quietly deliver. Alhamdulillah!

Btw, Now off to prepare for 2 webinars tonight. No time to celebrate also. It’s Q&A tonight for FRPG. See you guys tonight!




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