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Property Bull Run is OTW – Take Advantage Of It!

property bull run


Since I started FRPG in March, I have made a bunch of predictions that have all turn out to be accurate (reduction of interest rate, unemployment, banks tightening loans etc).

ONE of my prediction that I have said that we have a 75% chance of a property bull run happening in the next 2-3 years. Then in May, I revised this to 90%. Today, I think we have a 99% chance of a property bull run happening.

The reason why our prediction was accurate was due to my experience investing during the 2008-2009 global financial crisis. That’s where I made my first RM5 million profit from property investing, in the last financial crisis.

And I see today’s 2020 crisis is bigger than 2008-2009, and there are just a lot more opportunities today. There are just too many similarities.

One of the key reasons property bull run happens is that when the government of the day put in policies that encourage property ownership.

Highlights of the announcement by our excellent PM and new MOF are as per the following :

a. No stamp duty for property purchases until
b. No RPGT for 3 properties
c. Removal of 70% loan cap for 3rd and above property purchases!

So yes, a bull-run is coming as what we predicted as far as 3 months ago. But, I need to warn everyone here first.

There will be many people who start selling properties to you as skim-cepat-kaya. “Buy and surely you’ll make money”, will be their pitch.

Because, just because a property bull run is coming, it doesn’t mean that all properties out there will make money. In fact, the majority of the properties out there today, wouldn’t be helped by the coming property bull run.

This is what I shared in the public webinar:

1. The 4 Domino’s of property bull run (indicators). Why property bull run happens globally and why we have 99% certainty that a bull run is happening.

2. I made RM5 million in the last financial crisis in just 7 years (2009 until 2014). I have already shared how does one builds RM1 million in the next 5 years even without capital today, and take advantage of the coming property bull run.

3. The type of properties that will be the biggest beneficiary of this coming property bull run.





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