This Is Why Some People Get Lucky And Wealthy

some people get lucky


People so creative and some of them photoshopped me creatively in the photo below. Damn funny and I had a good laugh yesterday. Although I don’t like the comparison as that raja bomoh has never got one prediction right and we, on the other hand, has gotten quite a fair bit of things right.


Raja Bomoh Hartanah


Yesterday, as we predicted back in March, the PKP ends tomorrow. 90% of business is allowed to open starting from 9th June.

I said before that PKP lift will be after Raya, and we have 6 months now to kick start our economy and we will most likely do better this year and next year do to our excellent effort managing this pandemic.

But while I like my coconut water, it’s not fortune-telling or magic that allows us to know what will happen a few months or 2 years ahead.

We just have more data and more information, and we know how to analyze better than most people.

We have invested a huge sum in the past on these data and information, and today it has given my clients and me a significant advantage today.



And this is helped by my personal experience in investing in the last 2009 recession and the fact that my advisors are people who have gone thru at least 3 recessions, with networth of 9-figures to 10-figures. I have 3 billionaire mentors now who have guided me in the last 3 months ❤️🙏

Today we have massive advantages of :

1. Information and data
2. Knowledge
3. Experience
4. Size – with now close to 2,000 clients we are getting unbelievable discounts that no one else could get. Our clients can now buy properties at discounts over RM200,000 Vs a regular walk-in.

Alhamdulillah. Some people will say that we are lucky or bernasib baik. When we make our 7 figures networth from properties or 6 figures profit from equities, people will continue to say we are just very lucky to be able to this a few times. But they forgot that :


At the end of the day, you can only get lucky when you are prepared. The ones who prepared will be millionaires and new billionaires coming out from this crisis. Can’t be a millionaire property investor if we are too scared to even buy 2-3 properties 🙏

P/s: Next prediction. There will be plenty of new equities and property gurus coming out. After watching our videos in FRPG(Free), they’ll copy our information and use FAR Capital bull run predictions to launch their new program 😁 You guys just wait 🤣




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