Sarjana Hartanah

WARNING: Why this is NOT suitable for newbie property investors, like yourself


Learn how you can shortcut your property investment journey and achieve your financial goals faster than ever with advanced property investment techniques by Faizul Ridzuan, the bestselling author of “WTF? 23 Properties by 30”.

What will you learn in Sarjana Hartanah 2017?

This is a much improved version of the previous Sarjana Hartanah, where you will learn these new modules:

1. Learn 5 strategies how to overcome 90% LTV to continuously buy property

2. Learn strategies to go get continuous loans for your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and so on.

3. Understand how pick the right bankers to guarantee your loan approval

4. How to save thousands on legal fees so you can use the money for something else

5. Understand what to look for in your Sales & Purchase Agreement – the important clauses that has always been overlooked by investors

6. The HDA VS non HDA property difference – how to safeguard yourselves from unnecessary headache in the future

7. Investment Holding Company (IHC) – How to properly use one to get huge advantage

8. When you should not buy a property under IHC

9. Which property to buy under personal or buy under IHC

10. Proven strategies to manage taxes and reduce your commitments

11. The 10 test before you buy any property!- Faizul’s formula to ensure what you buy will always gives you capital appreciation and positive cashflow

12. How to find out the perfect property to buy and whats not safe to buy (Avoid these properties at all cost!)

13. Portfolio optimisation – how to know when to sell and when to keep a property

14. How to know if a property has reached its maturity

15. How to predict whether the properties you currently hold will drop in value?

16. Advanced selling strategies – where and how to advertise your property for maximum impact?

17. How to get the real estate negotiators and property agents work harder for you?

18. Creative strategies to sell a property and make it outstanding

19. What to do when you are stuck with a bad property investment

20. Where to advertise your unit to get it rented above market price?

21. How to get your units tenanted as soon as possible?

22. How to get the agents work harder to find your tenant?

23. Renovation tips: Learn the best renovation for rent vs the best renovation for property flipping

24. How to increase your rental yields when everyone around you are losing money with negative cashflow?

25. The Ultimate Shortcut session: Review of 50 projects that you choose?

26. The Ultimate Shortcut session: Will that property you are eyeing make you lots of money or make you cry every month?

… and much much more!

BONUS: Network with other investors who are just as good if not better than you today

BONUS: Access to Sarjana Hartanah exclusive WhatsApp group

BONUS: Access to Sarjana Hartanah exclusive Facebook group

BONUS: Templates of Tenancy Agreement – just print it and use it.

BONUS: Excel sheet to calculate your property ROI

SPECIAL BONUS: Complimentary 1-on-1 personal consultation session with Faizul Ridzuan to chart your next action ( Worth RM388 )

Who should attend this event

1. Serious investors who have already bought a property.

2. Seasoned investors who wants to learn achieve their financial goals faster

3. Newbie investors or anyone who have not purchased any property are NOT encouraged to come, as the event is super technical full of property terms and jargons.

Interested to join Sarjana Hartanah and achieve your financial goals faster?

Places are limited to 100 pax only. (First come, first serve).

Grab your tickets now! Click on the link below:

See you there!



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