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1-ON-1 : Why I’m reluctant to share the techniques to overcome 70% LTV to this guy

Salam everyone.

This week I meet a guy who came to see me for the sole purpose of trying to find ways to overcome 70% LTV as he already bought 3 properties.

The moment I looked at what he bought, I shared that I wont be teaching him how to overcome 70% LTV today and was OK to give him a full refund…

..even if I know there’s at least 2 ways that he can implement almost immediately to overcome 70% LTV.
He was less than amused with my decision.

I told him that our of 3 properties that he bought :

1. One is rented with negative RM800 every month.
2. One is about to be completed and most likely will have to be sold below the developer’s price he paid.
3. One is renting at breakeven but most likely will encounter severe rental and price pressure in the next 12 months due to massive influx of new competition.
In short, all the properties be bought are not good investments as off today.

And when I asked what are the 3 things he wants to buy if I taught him this, those properties he shared are again grade D and grade E properties.

Teaching him this skill today will only do more harm then good, right?

Its akin to giving Dumbo Trump the USA presidency and watch him bring the world to its knee just because he can.
I explained to him my decision and naturally he was disappointed.

He ended up asking for 1 hour about what has he done wrong, and how he can better pick good properties moving forward.

That, i was happy to indulge him and I share plenty pointers on how he can do better.

He ended the session smiling and realizing there are alot more things he don’t know and shouldn’t do before his next purchase.
In Sarjana Hartanah, I shared with our attendees minimum 6 ways to overcome 70% LTV.

But i sternly remind everyone that just because I give you many bullets, doesn’t mean you can shoot anything or anyone.

Whats the point of buying 10 lousy properties that looses money just because you can?

I’d rather we buy just 2-3 great ones rather than owning 10 lousy ones.

As an investor, nothing is more important than the quality of the property we buy, right?
Quality matters more than the quantity.

Unless you can do both, then always always do both ?

P/S: Learn the right way to invest in properties, and overcome the 70% LTV in our Sarjana Hartanah program.

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2 thoughts on “1-ON-1 : Why I’m reluctant to share the techniques to overcome 70% LTV to this guy

  1. Nicholas Choo says:

    Totally agreed. Very important property investor look at the (+) cash flow generate form the property. If possible return on 8% min.

  2. Ikhwan says:

    Thanks for the property content 🙂

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