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Faizul, why you don’t want my business? Are you sure about this? I PAY U MORE!

Morning guys, recently completed a 1on1 session with an Sarjana Hartanah alumni.

He has progressed alot since joining Sarjana and have bought more than 6 properties.

When he asked me how else can he continue to purchase, I taught him another trick but caution him that he needs to stop buying.

Puzzled, he told me that he wanted to be a FAR Capital client so that we can help him with his next purchase.

When I asked him to stop buying, he asked why would I advise that since that will mean lower revenues for me since Im turning away a customer here.

I told him that Im declining his request to become a FAR Capital client on the grounds that I dont feel comfortable with him buying more properties as of today due :

1. His monthly cashflow today is negative and he has to tap into his refinance money to sustain his current lifestyle.

2. He has bought well bought he did refinancing on few properties to unlock cash and causing these properties to be on negative cashflow. He now needs to dispose some under-performing properties before he can proceed to the next stage.

3. He has a new born coming and that will easily put a bigger strain to his financials. Being first time parents, there will be many unexpected expenses that will caught us off guard and the last thing one should be doing right now is to incur additional debt.

And recently, I have also declined few other request to be FAR Capital clients as I felt these clients were not ready or their investment thoughts are not align to our values.

Our priority when its comes to investing are :

  • Manage investment risk to almost zero. We buy blue-chip properties after looking at thousands of developments to ensure our client’s risk is minimal.
  • Once risk is minimised, then and only then we look at up at potential upsides.
  • We buy things that the client NEED, and NOT what they WANT.
  • Our investment horizon is minimum 10 years. We believe in building wealth slowly but surely, as property investing isnt a get-rich-quick-scheme.

At the end of the day, we are not an investor club or bulk purchase club that aim to profit by getting commission from selling developer’s project.

Our clients come to us so that we can help them buy the best and safest investment grade property that they have enough passive income upon retirement or pay their children’s university fund.

Our values, are not for sale and we want to keep it that way.





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3 thoughts on “Faizul, why you don’t want my business? Are you sure about this? I PAY U MORE!

  1. Zaleha says:

    Hi Sir,
    I would like to be a FAR capital client but now I am working in Saudi Arabia also interested to join your SARJANA HARTANAH. The problem is the time as I have limited vacation to Malaysia. Thank you

  2. Kim says:

    Well said, Guru FR. I always say, the Red Traffic Light is more important to obey than the Green Traffic Light. To know when “Not” to buy is the most important skill.

    1. Pian says:

      So hows that? Is it good to buy now? One agent introduced me a commercial lot that to be rent to one private hospital. The agreement is 3+3+3.. cant make money but 100% loan. Pls advice

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