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Can You Become Rich Working For The Government? Lets finalize the investment plan.

Just finished a meeting with a new FAR Capital Sdn Bhd client.They are a young family with 2 kids, both working in the public sector.

With combined earnings under RM10,000, they joined FAR Capital to fund their various dreams using properties as a vehicle.

They have actually bought 2 properties prior coming to FAR Capital and have sold 1 property for a RM120,000 clean profit just-over 3 years.
Now, if someone already made RM120,000 using less than RM10,000 capital in just 3 years, they are quite decent investors kan?

This couple however, was very honest about how they made this gains.

They were brutally honest and told me its down to pure luck and they are not confident to be able to repeat this consistently in all their next purchase.

Hence why they decided to become Far Capital client, to hopefully find the safest purchase possible with decent potential upsides. So like every other client, we begin by finalizing their investment plan.

We will set them out to do the following :

  • Purchase of 5 additional properties at 90%.
  • Purchase of 2 bungalows under 950k at 100% financing.

At the end of their investment tenure, we are hoping to be able to accomplish the following :
1. RM15,000 NETT rental collection per month.
2. Over RM5Mil in accumulated networth purely from properties
3. Sending their kids for overseas education for free.
The above is by no means can be considered as rich, but should be comfortable enough for many of us within the working class, making a decent living.

I’ve always maintained that its not impossible or difficult for a working class family to have a fairly comfortable retirement using properties as a vehicle.

And the best part is that having plenty of cash isnt even the main requirement to achieve this.

The biggest misconception about property investing from my personal view is that it requires a lot of capital or modal.

What is required is just plenty of knowledge, discipline and patience, and the rest will take care by itself. InsyaAllah.

Impossible? Not really. Change that to IM-POSSIBLE. Jerit IM-POSSIBLE!




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