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1-On-1 : Can You Help Me Pick Which One To Buy, Out Of These 15 Properties?

Afternoon guys.

This guy drove all the way from Genting to meet me over 1-on-1 recently. He wanted too buy more properties but has since got stuck due to 70% LTV.

After sharing a few ways how he can continue to invest under 70% LTV, he brought out about 15 brochures and developments he’s considering to buy.

This was very a smart move by him to get maximum value of his 1-hour session with me. I dont make area or buy recommendations during 1on1s but I dont mind sharing my thoughts on developments these guys are looking at.

To his surprise, we finish reviewing all 15 developments in less than 10 minutes. I told him that out of the 15, 13 were crap/risky and 2 of it was decent/safe enough altho I wouldn’t buy it today.

He then asked how do I know for sure whats going to happen to these property even before they are completed.

I just told him that our job at FAR Capital Sdn Bhd is to look at hundreds of properties every month before we can even recommend just 1 property to any of our clients.

So almost everything that he puts on the table is something that we have actually looked at, so its not difficult for me to share the summary of what I think about those properties.

As I always tell our participants in Sarjana Hartanah, there’s no shortcuts if they want to get the best investment properties out there.

You really have to spend the time and effort to look at thousands of properties out there just to identify one great buy.

We have had students who only buy property once a year but manage to buy cashflow positive (over 10% yields) properties using no money and he really spends the time and effort to study.

On the other extreme, I have students whose on steroids buying over 10 properties in the last 24 months, as long as positive cashflow he will sapu! ^^

In any-case, your odds will be much better and these are definitely learnable trade. In fact it took me 2.5 years of self studying before I was ready to buy my 1st property.

I still spend hours everyday learning and studying developments and investing trends.

And yes there people who prefer to take shortcuts ( like Far Capital clients), but you essentially need to trade off $$$ for other people’s time, experience and expertise to ensure they make great buys every time.

These segment are normally either time-poor, knowledge-poor or just effort-poor (plain lazy) with lots of cash in hand.

But for these segment, they know that the ROI on their time is worth a lot more doing what their good at ( in either business or job ) rather than learning investing from scratch.

Robin Sharma once said the following: “Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make”.

I couldnt agree more.



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