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WARNING: Not suitable for newbie investors!

Sarjana Hartanah 2017 - the most intensive and most value-for-money property investment course in Malaysia!
Educating more than 2,000 students since 2013, In Sarjana Hartanah 2017 with real results, Sarjana Hartanah now is widely regarded as the best property investment program in Malaysia. In the newly improved Sarjana Hartanah 2017, you can expect to learn new investing techniques, acquire new investment strategies and network and improve your results greatly to stay ahead of the game. Discover secrets on how previous Sarjana Hartanah students was able to acquire 10 new properties in less than 24 months that is able to give positive cashflow and rental yields. With the right knowledge, you can prepare yourself and your portfolio to ensure you will be able to build a RM10Mil property portfolio and get over RM25,000 monthly income!


"My name is William and I am 30 this year.

Attended Sarjana Hartanah as a property virgin in 2013 and today I have bought 13 properties, valued at over RM5mil in 3 years.

My worst property today gives break-even rents, and my best properties gives me an extra RM600 per month.

Despite not having a big salary, having the right knowledge helps me alot in acquiring all these 13 properties.

Being able to network with like minded people helps greatly too. I'm glad I attended Sarjana Hartanah in 2013 and benefited greatly from this.

Thank you, Faizul Ridzuan!"

- William Wong

Date and Location For Sarjana Hartanah 2017

SARJANA HARTANAH - Kuala Lumpur 2017

2nd & 3rd December 2017 | 9am - 6pm, Saturday and Sunday| VISTANA HOTEL , KL  | ONLY 100 20 LEFT!!!!

"The Most Anticipated Session: The ULTIMATE SHORTCUT"

Have you been looking to buy a property but not sure if its going to buy a good buy?

Now you can ask Faizul directly during Sarjana Hartanah!

Back by popular demand, in Sarjana Hartanah 2017, Faizul will review up to 50 developments that Sarjana participants nominate. Expect hard truths and straight, no nonsense answers in this season.

Just submit the name of the project/development and let Faizul provide you with the pros and cons of that project, all live!

So, not only you will learn about the prospect about the property you are about to buy, you will also get short cuts to learn 50 other developments that others are considering to buy.


"Why Should I Attend The Sarjana Hartanah 2017?
12 burning questions that will be answered when you attend this exclusive program :

How to CONTINUOUSLY Get Housing Loan from Banks?
Ever wonder why some investor could only get 2-3 loans while some of use is able to buy over 20-30 properties?Learn how does the banks evaluate you as a borrower and how to ensure you'll always get your loans approved!

Manage your taxes and avoid paying unnecessary taxes
Faizul recently got slapped with additional RM400k in property taxes under a new classification of tax that targets property investor. Learn how to avoid similar fate and manage & minimize your taxes properly and legally.

Use properties to get your your dream car, for FREE!!
Driving a cool car and going for overseas holiday is really nice. But whats nicer is to get someone else to pay for your car and holiday. Learn how to spot properties that can give a you free Porsche and holiday!!

Investment Holding Company: the Good and the Bad
Discover the lowdown on using investment holding company (IHC) to buy and manage your properties and why its often not as good as claimed.

Worried about your child's future education and expensive fees?? Cant afford to pay RM2MIl to send your children to Harvard / Cambridge university?
Learn how to use properties to build your child's education funds with as little cash as possible!

Worried about not having enough $$$ for retirement?
We will be teaching method on how to create RM20,000-RM30,000 passive income per month from property investment.

Use Warren Buffett investment principles to buy you the best properties!
Yes you heard that right. We will be teaching you Warren Buffett ( worlds greatest living investor) investment principle that you can apply to properties to buy you properties that can give both positive cashflow and capital appreciation at the same time. Learn how to get 30% annual returns using these strategies!

Having properties but finding it hard to rent it out?
Own a few properties buy finding it difficult to rent it out at a good rate? Tenant keep leaving after just a few months? Learn winning tricks and methods that allows you to rent out your properties above market average, within 30 days! And you can learn new rental strategies as well that can double your existing yields!

Want to buy more property but cannot afford 30% downpayment to due 70% Loan To Value limit for 3rd property onwards?
Learn 5 powerful and evergreen strategies on how can you get above 70% loan even though you are buying your 20th property! Must know for those who owns more than 2 properties today!

Dont have spare time to do research on properties?
We'll share methods on how to simplify your research process. Better still, we'll share with you options that will allow you to buy great properties without even having to do anything!

Buying property with no $$$ : Is it possible to do this today??
Learn 3 methods how you buy properties using little or no money. The best strategy if you dont have much cash today!

Ultimate Shortcut session
A brutally honest session where Faizul will review 50 developments and analyse its prospects, the positives and negatives, live on the spot.
"What Will I Learn In Sarjana Hartanah 2017?"
This is a much improved version of the previous Sarjana Hartanah, where you will learn these new modules:

The Fundamentals

Here you will learn fundamental values of a property investor that will ensure they do well in the long run. Learning and applying this will guarantee you will be a top 20% performer in the property investing game.
  • Understand the 4 reasons why you should be investing in properties
  • Understanding the numbers and how to calculate REAL returns
  • The difference between "Financially Independent" & "Wealthy"
  • A unique way to look at the concept of assets and liabilities
  • Concept of networking and leverage and why is it important? Network with new compatriots who has the same objective as you
  • Understanding your borrowing /leverage limits
  • Aligning your portfolio to meet your investment objectives

Finding Information & Research

Helps one shorten the time required to research on properties where you now dont have to spend days outside of the property for research. Now, you spend less than 2 hours to know about the property that you are targetting :
  • Where to look for information pertaining the property?
  • Where to find good deals?
  • Using the right keywords
  • How to validate information
  • Learn the hard lies from advertisements and opinions

Financing, Borrowing & Leveraging

This is cheat-sheet that allows you to outsmart the banks. Imagine going to an exam where you already know the questions they plan to ask. Sounds good? This allows you to prepare yourself so that the next time you apply for a loan, you'll never hear the word "NOT APPROVED" ever again! Amongst the things we will cover :
  • The concept of hot and cold year for banks. How to identify which banks you should be applying loans from and which banks you should avoid!
  • Understands how banks values your properties
  • The 4 main criterias that banks look at, and how to pass these with flying colors!
  • The 2 questions you should ask your banker before you pass him your documents?
  • 4 techniques on how to get above 70% financing for 3rd properties onwards!
  • Understand what type of properties banks dont like to finance so that you wont buy them anymore!
  • NEW: Proven strategies to manage taxes and reduce your commitments
  • NEW: IHC - How to properly use one to get huge advantage
  • NEW: How to pick the right bankers to guarantee your loan approval?

Legal Matters

This knowledge is important to protect you from the ugly side of property investment.
  • Understand the process of buying and selling a property
  • The 3 types of legal documents ALL investor needs to know
  • How to pick the right lawyers - Picking the wrong lawyer is as bad as buying the BAD properties!
  • Negotiating a discount on your legal fees.
  • Understand what you are buying and the legal implications - Residential and commercial properties.
  • NEW: Understand what to look for in your Sales and Purchase Agreement - the important clause that has always been overlooked by investors
  • NEW: The HDA vs Non-HDA property difference - how to safeguard yourself from unnecessary headache in the future

Renting Out Your Properties

Knowing what to buy is only half of the story. Knowing what to do with a property once you buy it is equally important. Learn smart tips and tricks to ensure your property remains more desirable versus your competition. We will be covering :
  • Understanding tenants
  • Understanding the concept of tenant's cycle.
  • Dealing with agents - How to filter good agents VS the bad ones .
  • Knowing when to rent out as bare, partly furnished, or fully furnished.
  • Learn break-even points.
  • How to get your agents to work 200% harder for your unit.
  • Viewing practices - Ensure high closing rates to get the best possible tenant paying you maximum possible rents!
  • NEW: Where to advertise your unit to get it rented above market price?

Renovation and Furnishing

Just because an owner throws lots of money on renovation and furnishing, it doesn't guarantees that the unit can be rented out at top dollar. Worst still, it takes forever to be rented out! Here we'll learn why some units performed poorly despite owners investing a lot in both renovation and furnishing and how we can avoid this costly mistakes :
  • Understand what does your unit needs?
  • Understand the cost of items and why most interior decorators are a rip-off!
  • Sample of successful renovation and furnishing jobs thats done at low cost!
  • Simple tricks to spruce up your unit to look a lot more expensive!
  • Renovations you can do that can help increase property values and what will not!
  • NEW: Learn the best renovation for rent vs renovation for flipping!

Finding That Next Spectacular Property To Buy

Everyone wants to buy great properties that gives 100% capital appreciation and 10% yield in rentals. But the reality here, only a few can really do it consistently. Here we will learn the usage of APE framework in detailed to help you identify that upcoming great properties before everyone else sees it :
  • Understand how to evaluate an unfamiliar area
  • Understand concept of "compliment" VS "competing"
  • How to ensure you are not overpaying for a property
  • Understanding your neighbors and why is it important?
  • The own-stay game - Its better than you think
  • Understand the concept of "hot" and "lull/idle" in timing your purchase and exit
  • Boosters - Factors that can double or triple your property values in 5 years!
  • The 10 test before you buy any property - Faizul's formula to ensure what you buy will always give you capital appreciation and positive cashflow

Buying and Selling

If you are not a long term investor, buying and selling will be your primary activity in this game. Here, we'll learn the following :
  • How to structure a zero/little money down and examples
  • Art of valuation and how is this important to you
  • How to sell your property faster than everyone else and at above market values
  • What do you do when you are stuck holding a lousy property that cant be rented or sold?
  • Timing - Best timing to exit or to buy!
  • How to predict if your property will drop in value?
  • NEW: What you do when you are stuck with property investment?
  • NEW: When you should not buy a property under IHC?
  • NEW: Which property to buy under personal or IHC?
  • NEW: Portfolio Optimisation: How to know when to sell and when to keep a property?
  • NEW: Advance selling strategies: where and how to advertise your properties for maximum impact?

BONUS: Questions and Answer Session

  • Through-out the program, participants can ask the trainer s questions anytime so long as its relevant to the subject.
  • This allows participants to clarify their thoughts and gain a deeper understanding on the the subject!
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FREE Whatsapp Support Group

FREE Access to Our Exclusive Facebook Group

NEW: Template of Tenancy Agreement

NEW: MS Excel Sheet to calculate your property investment ROI

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the location of the Sarjana Hartanah seminar?

  • The venue will be at Qliq Hotel Damansara Perdana.
  • Location map will be provided once you have registered. 
  • Please attend the seminar on both days from 9am to 6pm.

What do I get to learn from Sarjana Hartanah?

Please refer to the Module section above.

How do I register for this event?

  1. Click this link. Buy Sarjana Hartanah Tickets
  2. Select how many tickets you want.
  3. Select the venue and date: Kuala Lumpur
  4. Please make the payment immediately as places are limited. We do accept payment via bank deposit, credit card and PayPal.

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