Sarjana Hartanah Commercial 2016
How to make millions and accelerate your wealth building by investing in Commercial Property the right way!
Date and Location For Sarjana Hartanah Commercial 2016
Venue: Malaysia Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC), Cyberjaya


9th & 10th April 2016 | 9am - 6pm, Saturday and Sunday|MAGIC, Cyberjaya | !ONLY 40 20 Seats Left!

"Why Should I Attend The Sarjana Hartanah Commercial 2016?
These burning questions that will be answered when you attend this exclusive program :

Why you should invest in COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES to create wealth faster?
We will share with you 8 reasons why you should invest in commercial properties that residential properties did not offer

How to buy shoplots and create massive profit?
Buying shoplots is not for the faint-hearted. Let us show you the dos and donts so that you can earn huge profit from it.

SOHO/SOVO/SOFO: Should you consider buying it or not?
Learn the difference between SOHO, SOVO and SOFO, and avoid the pitfalls of each type of property.

Which type of retail unit and shopping mall retail lot should you avoid?
There is huge opportunity in retail unit and shopping mall retail lot. But which one should you avoid buying at all cost? Discover it here.

The Secret to Owning a Factory Lot and Create Huge Passive Income
Discover the difference between standard built factories and individually built industrial factories, and how the government is helping you to make money from investing in it.

How to Ensure Your Commercial Property Loan Get Approved Everytime?
We will share with you 4 important factors that the banks and financial institutions look at before approving your commercial property loan.

How to Effectively Use Investment Holding Company to Buy Many Commercial Properties?
Should you consider using IHC to purchase your commercial lot, or is it better to buy under your own name?

How to Avoid Paying Huge Taxes and Legal Fees for Your Commercial Property Purchase?
We will share with you the legal and taxes implication on buying and selling commercial properties, and how best to optimize these 2 important areas.
Case Study: RM 3 Million Profit Within 3 Years!

Is the prospect of making RM 3 million within 3 years an awesome deal for you?

In this course, Adrian will share you his case study on a commercial property which have increased in value by RM 3 million from its initial price 3 years ago.

P/S: Exclusive to participants of Sarjana Hartanah Commercial only. 

Special Session: The Ultimate Shortcut!

Looking to buy certain commercial properties, but not sure whether it is a good buy or not?

In this Ultimate Shortcut session, Adrian Un will review all commercial properties together with you in the class.

Just submit the name of the commercial properties project/development and let Adrian provide you with the pros and cons of that project.

It's the Ultimate Shortcut!

Introducing.. Adrian Un - Your Expert Commercial Property Trainer for Sarjana Hartanah Commercial 2016
Adrian Un
  • CEO of SkyBridge International, a property investment consultation company with clients all over the world
  • Bestselling author of the book "Grow Rich Through Responsible Leveraging"
  • Started investing since 1989
  • 26 years in property investing
  • To date, he have bought 15 commercial properties with total combine portfolio value worth RM 30 million
  • Expert in commercial property investment
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the location of the Sarjana Hartanah Commercial seminar?

  • The venue will be at Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre, Cyberjaya 
  • Location map will be provided once you have registered. 

What do I get to learn from Sarjana Hartanah Commercial?

You will learn everything you need to know about investing in Commercial Properties such as shop lot, retail lot, factories and commercial lands.

How do I register for this event?

  1. Click this link. Buy Sarjana Hartanah Commercial Tickets
  2. Select how many tickets you want.
  3. Select the venue and date: Kuala Lumpur
  4. Please make the payment immediately as places are limited. We do accept payment via bank deposit, credit card and PayPal.

If you have any inquiries or have an issue with payment, kindly contact Farhana Ridzuan (+6011-15088875) or email to

See you there!

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