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Millionaire Employee Program

In this Millionaire Employee Program, Faizul Ridzuan will personally fly to Qatar to share with you new investing techniques, acquire new skills and improve your network to stay ahead of the game.

Discover secrets on how his students was able to acquire 10 new properties in less than 24 months.

With the right knowledge, you can prepare yourself and your portfolio to take advantage in the next property bull run.

millionaire employee program
Date and Location For Millionaire Employee Program
Millionaire Employee Program Qatar
Venue: Shangri-La Hotel, Doha, Qatar

Millionaire Employee Program - Doha, Qatar

13 May 2017 | 8am - 5pm, Saturday|Shangri - La Hotel, Doha, QatarONLY 30 10 SEATS LEFT!

"Why Should I Attend The Millionaire Employee Blueprint?
10 burning questions that will be answered when you attend this exclusive program :

How to CONTINUOUSLY Get Housing Loan from Banks?
Learn how does the banks evaluate you as a borrower and how to ensure you'll always get your loans approved!

Cant afford to pay RM1MIl to send your children to Harvard / Cambridge university?
Learn how to use properties to build your child's education funds with as little cash as possible!

Use properties to get your your dream car, for FREE!!
Learn how to never use your own money to buy your Mercedes or BMW by getting someone else to pay it on your behalf!

Want to buy more property but cannot afford 30% downpayment to to 70% LTV?
Learn powerful and evergreen strategies on how can you get above 70% loan even though you are buying your 20th property!

Dont have spare time to do research on properties?
We'll share methods on how to simplify your research process. Fast action, fast result!

Worried about not having enough $$$ for retirement?
We will be teaching method on how to create RM20,000 passive income per month from property investment.

Legal headaches due to incompetent lawyers and high legal fees?
Learn how you can save plenty of headaches when buying your next property by choosing the right lawyers and save some $$$ on fees as well!

Having properties but finding it hard to rent it out?
Learn winning tricks and methods that allows you to rent out your properties above market average, within 30 days!

Buying property with no $$$ : Is it possible to do this today??
Learn 3 methods how you buy properties using little or no money. The best strategy if you dont have much cash today!

Ultimate Shortcut session
A brutally honest session where Faizul will review 50 developments and analyse its prospects, the positives and negatives, live on the spot.
Register to Faizul Ridzuan's Millionaire Employee Program Now, At The Special Price of Only RM899  RM 500 (Limited Seats Available)
First come, first serve. So, grab your tickets now!
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