Faizul Ridzuan knows how to invest.

And he makes it look easy.

This regular employee turned RM2,000 in seed capital into a multi-million property portfolio in just 5 years, with more than 23 properties purchased to date.

In this bestselling book, he tells you how he does this, with vivid details from his very own experience, and shares his unique stories on how he:

Zero Money Down

Purchased properties using zero or little money

ROI 1000%

Made over 1,000% returns on capital in less than 3 years


Double-digit rental yields

Is consistently able to identify properties that give double-digit rental yield

18 months, RM1million

Made RM1,000,000 in profits over 18 months without putting in a single sen

Million-dollar portfolio

Created multi-million-dollar portfolio

Systematic Investment Framework

Created an investment framework that allows investors to invest systematically


No expensive property course

Saves thousands in seminar or education fees.

On Faizul’s recommendation, I bought my first investment property in Casa Mutiara five-years ago and that was really an eye-opener.

Ryan Khoo

A banker who has bought 14 properties to-date

Faizul has an exceptional ability to spot property with great returns. First recommendation was to purchase Titiwangsa Sentral condo for RM250,000. I sold it for RM480,000 two years later. A must-read to discover his secrets.

Dr. Isa Naina

Medical doctor and Lecturer, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)

Clear, concise, candid with appropriate dose of humour. Highly recommended to both beginner and experienced investors.

Personal Money Magazines, July 2012

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