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Property investment coach, speaker, best-selling author and serial entrepreneur.

He was a regular employee who aspires to be financially free, before the age of 35 via investing in Malaysia properties and businesses.

He have bought 23 properties before Ihe reached 30, starting with only RM2,000 capital. To date, he have bought properties worth multi-millions properties, and have been very fortunate to have my portfolio consistently performed above market average in both rental and capital appreciation.

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WTF? 23 Properties by 30

This book may make property investing look too easy! Faizul Ridzuan knows how to invest. And he makes it look easy. This regular employee turned RM2,000 in seed capital into a multi-million property portfolio in just five years, with 23 properties purchased to date. In this book, he tells you how he does this, with vivid details from his very own experience.

Get A Personal 1-on-1 Property Investment Consultation

My 1 on 1 session is priced at RM380 for a 2 hour session. These are some things I cover during my session:

Problem Solving

From how to mitigate 90% LTV to identify and dealing with non-performing props. Basically you can ask me anything.

Property Review

If you are looking to buy properties and have identified a few props, you can bounce your views with me. I can share with my thoughts on those props and perhaps give you better alternatives.

Portfolio Analysis

Identify how your portfolio is performing and will your current portfolio help you meet your financial objectives. If it doesn’t, I will share how can you improve it to meet your financial objectives.

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Happy New Year 2015!

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone! Thank you for visiting my blog. Well, this is my first blogpost for the year 2015.. and I’m gonna be updating my latest activities in this site more often. This year is gonna be an interesting year for property investment, with... read more

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