You can expect to learn the following during Sarjana Hartanah :

  • How to CONTINUOUSLY Get Housing Loan from Banks?
  • Use properties to get your your dream car, for FREE!!
  • Learn how to use properties to build your child’s education funds with as little cash as possible!
  • Learn winning tricks and methods that allows you to rent out your properties above market average, within 30 days!
  • Learn powerful and evergreen strategies on how can you get above 70% loan even though you are buying your 20th property!
  • Learn 3 methods how you buy properties using little or no money. The best strategy if you dont have much cash today!
  • We’ll share methods on how to simplify your research process. Fast action, fast result!
  • Buying property with no $$$ : Is it possible to do this today??
  • Learn 3 methods how you buy properties using little or no money. The best strategy if you don’t have $$$!


Problem Solving

Get solutions and alternatives to your property related headaches, concerns and challenges

Property Review

Thinking of buying a property soon? Make sure you know all you need to know first!

Portfolio Analysis

Use state-of-the-art financial modelling to know how your portfolio will perform

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Happy New Year 2015!

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone! Thank you for visiting my blog. Well, this is my first blogpost for the year 2015.. and I’m gonna be updating my latest activities in this site more often. This year is gonna be an interesting year for property investment, with... read more


WTF? 23 Properties by 30

This book may make property investing look too easy! Faizul Ridzuan knows how to invest. And he makes it look easy. This regular employee turned RM2,000 in seed capital into a multi-million property portfolio in just five years, with 23 properties purchased to date. In this book, he tells you how he does this, with vivid details from his very own experience.

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He was a regular employee who aspires to be financially free, before the age of 35 via investing in Malaysia properties and businesses.

He have bought 23 properties before Ihe reached 30, starting with only RM2,000 capital. To date, he have bought properties worth multi-millions properties, and have been very fortunate to have my portfolio consistently performed above market average in both rental and capital appreciation.

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